Dog / Cat Tag

Dog / Cat Tag

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When your pet is part of the family, you can't leave them out from being treated with a unique and stylish tag. Light weight and sealed for water protection, these tags are engraved with their name and an option to have your phone number engraved on the back. 


Product Details:

Material: Light Plywood - Sealed for water protection

Size: 3cm in Diameter, 6mm thickness 

Care Instructions: Please read our care instructions on the website

Text Options: Custom - one or two sided engraving

If you add your number in the box you MUST select the double sided option for the drop down.


Ordering Information:

Please place your custom text in the box provided. Please ensure this is the correct spelling. The text will be copied exactly and is case sensitive. Once the order has been place the text spelling cannot be altered.

All images used to showcase the product use accessories to highlight the product use. Please note this is a product only and no accessories included with the order. 

Please note that due to the material being a natural product, the grain and colour may vary from product to product.

No custom orders can be cancelled once placed. Please read our FAQ’s and Care Instructions for additional information